Gino at CBS Early Show


ginoWith over two decades of experience in media and music/entertainment, Gino is the founder and Head of Media at DASH TWO. He began his career at Sony Music, working on marketing and co-op with record merchandisers. He soon discovered his passion for working with vendors and negotiating media deals on their behalf. After earning his stripes in the agency world, Gino finally opened the doors of his own boutique shop. DASH TWO was born out of Gino’s desire to assist his colleagues at record labels to execute media plans that not only got better results, but were more affordable and transparent than what they were used to. It worked. And word spread. Today, at the helm of the growing online department at DASH TWO, Gino is constantly refining the science of media buying and discovering new ways to deliver campaigns effectively and efficiently for all of our clients.

Our proven approach to media buying is both simple and powerful. First and foremost, it’s grounded in collecting and analyzing relevant data. With a keen understanding of what the numbers are telling us, we proceed to collaborate closely with our clients – continually checking, rechecking and refining to optimize campaigns at every possible opportunity.

The result is a streamlined media plan that’s properly positioned for the greatest return on investment. Add this to our pride in consistently meeting tight deadlines, our insistence on extraordinary service, and the experience to work effectively with any budget, and you’ve got the perfect agency for any media buying challenge.

DASH TWO specializes in Online Marketing, Outdoor Advertising, Print Advertising, Radio Advertising and TV Advertising.  DASH TWO also handles Creative Services.

In 2015 Gino and his business partner Jean Francois Guertin launched flyt. What is flyt? flyt is a powerful link shortener, sales tracker, and money maker. Sign up:

When he’s not behind his desk, Gino is busy pursuing his second passion in the skies above Los Angeles. Gino is not just an aviation enthusiast — he’s a certified instructor who teaches students to fly single engine aircraft. Check him out on Instagram or Twitter, via #hiphoppilot.